What are YOU going to do on the FIRST day of school?

Every year I don't really make first day of school "lesson plans". I know that sounds terrible, but instead I make more of a to-do list.  That first day can be all kinds of CRAZY so I like just having a list better than a strict lesson plan. Pretty much the only time I stick to on that first day is lunch and dismissal.  Our resource classes don't start until the second day so, we have the first day all to ourselves. On the list I write everything I need/want to do with my kiddos on that first day.  Every year the list changes a little bit and every year I accomplish a little more or less depending on the group of kids I have.

My first day is still a few days away but I know many teachers go back tomorrow (if not earlier). I sat down the other day to make a "first day of school to-do list" so that I could start wrapping my mind around how I was going to prepare and realized that it would be fun to share it and have other teachers share theirs!  Below is my first day of school in a list and I hope you'll link up to share your first day too!
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So, what do I do AFTER the first day of school?  Well, we get down to some business!  A few things I do during that first week is introduce the Behavior Bank, teach how to move and where to sit for literacy centers, start teaching my four basic literacy centers (one a day, whole group style), review all class rules and routines taught on the first day, give out my first weekly homework pack, hand-out and introduce the morning work book, introduce math manipulatives/math games/math centers (I love using Amy Lemon's Let's Get Started Pack), and generally we just take it one day at a time!  The first week is crazy but full of so many important things that set the tone for the rest of the year.

Looking for some of my things I listed above?  Here's a small list of some of the items that I created which I intend to use on that first day of school!

Now it's time to LINK UP!!  This is my very first linky party EVER so I hope I'm not the only one at the party : )  Here is a blank template for a list (if you'd like to use it) and the linky button.  If lists aren't your thing you can feel free to create or write about whatever you're planning for that first day back! Thanks for "partying" with me and I can't wait to check out other first days of school!


  1. Thanks for hosting and all of your great ideas! I just linked up :) Hope you have a great first day!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. Best of luck on your first day; your students will love you!

  3. Great idea for a linky! I don't know what I'm doing for my first day yet, since it is in 3 1/2 weeks! Would there be anyway you could extend it because I would love to participate!

    Mindful Rambles

  4. Love this idea! Back to school plans all in one place!

    Thanks for putting this together!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  5. Thanks for hosting such a cute linky, Deana! Your blog is adorable, and I'm your newest follower.

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