Free Speech and Language Home Practice

Our school district just announced yesterday that we'll be participating in a 2-week closure due to the current health crisis.  My district has asked us to prepare a packet of materials for each of our students to send home. I thought it may be helpful to have a post of FREE materials that you could send home if you are in the same situation. Most of the handouts have parent information and/or practice activities.   I hope they're helpful!

This file was created specifically for therapists who have limited access to paper and copies.  A one-page sheet is included for each area; articulation, fluency, communication, pragmatics, and language.  I also included word lists for articulation sounds to accompany the articulation handout. 

This was developed specifically for parents of students who exhibit stuttering (not reading fluency). 

These are great for younger children or for children who demonstrate limited verbalizations. They give very specific ideas for how to practice a variety of skills using each toy or activity. 

I created these half-sheets to help outline the specific home program plan I have created for each of my students. I chose a variety of handouts/worksheets to include in each packet.  Some are from the free materials above and some are from my Home Program Bundle Pack or Articulation Workbooks as shown in the last picture. 

I truly hope these make planning for the unknown a little easier during this time.  If you have any questions about using the materials or handing them out please let me know.  

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