2012-2013 Pacing Guide

I stumbled upon the most awesome pacing guide over at Made for 1st Grade, those ladies really have it together and decided I needed that I should get going an make one for myself in order to gather my thoughts for what I want/need/have to teach this year. This will be my first year of Common Core and it's going to be a crazy one with so many changes!  
So, I took all of the 1393472 resources my county has given us to help prepare for next year and turned them into a very simple pacing guide.  I'm sure this guide will change (especially since there was NOTHING listed on our website for science during the 3rd nine weeks, maybe I don't have to teach science then???) and I definitely teach past May 24th but for some reason my weeks ran out even without Thanksgiving and Spring Break included.  I'm also sure that the county will come out with some sort of guide similar to this and I will have to make some adjustments but if you are in 2nd grade next year and wanted to take a peek at what my plan is, I hope this will give you a good idea. 

  I also have to throw in that I'm not crazy about the sequence of our objectives since they changed a lot from last year, but unfortunately that is the sequence the county has given us so I have to follow it. 

I also wanted to say WOW and THANK YOU to all of who have entered the giveaway!!  I'm excited to give away some great resources!  You still have until Friday to enter if you haven't already! Click HERE to enter!


  1. CONGRATS Deana! Your guide is as colorful and organized as your Blog! This will be my first year with the CCSS too! (I think it will be for many teachers). SMILES

  2. Hi Deana,

    I nominated you for an award. Please stop by to pick it up.


  3. This is a great plan! Thank you for sharing!
    Teaching With Style

  4. This looks great! How do you decide which informational and which literature standards you cover with each week?

    1. My county did a little bit of work grouping the standards in a way. They grouped them by 9 week units, gave us a unit analysis document and then as a grade level we went through and further separated them down to the exact week.

  5. What a great idea to get organized! How did you get your themes though? Do you follow a reading series?

    Sprinkled in Second