What's in your Early Intervention Bag?

Are you working with the early intervention population?  If so, be sure to check out my FREE Play-Based Speech Therapy Homework.  Here is a small collection of the toys and games I use when working with the birth-5 population!

Goals to Target: naming body parts, identifying body parts, requesting, producing 2-word phrases (blue shoes, green hat), basic verbs (walk, sleep, jump, hop, dance)

Goals to Target: following commands, identifying vocabulary, matching pictures, naming vocabulary, requesting, animal sounds, categories/sorting

Goals to Target: requesting more/please with words or signs, imitating "ready, set, go!" or "1, 2, 3, go!", producing bilabial sounds (wow, bubble, pop)

Goals to Target: naming vocabulary, identifying vocabulary, simple sentences (I see __), early literacy skills. 

Goals to Target: requesting, identifying animals, commands (Give me the __), naming, making animal sounds, basic concepts (in/out, on/off, etc)

Goals to Target: requesting (more/please), naming (boy/girl/bus/eyes/nose/wheels/door, etc), making environmental sounds ("vroom, beep"), following routine, stop/go, singing with gestures

Goals to Target: identifying colors, basic concepts (up/down, in/out, over/under, etc.), requesting objects to put in/out/under/over

Goals to Target: environmental sounds ("beep, vroom, crash, choo-choo"), stop/go, fast/slow, identifying and naming colors

Since I originally posted this post I had added to my bag quite a bit for my younger kiddos but these are still many of the items I reach for! 

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