I have been all about the Monsters lately.  If you aren't allowed to celebrate Halloween at your school, monsters are a great way to spread a little spookiness without making them about Halloween.  We did a little monster fun today in writing and math.  I saw these pictures on Pinterest this summer and my mind was working on how I could make these in my 2nd grade class.  I decided writing was the way to go.

Source: Cocoa Bean

Here's a picture look at how our Rock Monsters turned out!
 (We made the teeth with white out)

Yes, our Rock Monsters are in plastic bags because I displayed them in the hallway like this:
One of my kiddos wrote this about why the Rock Monster is in a bag:

I made some Rock Monster paper that you can get for FREE if you click on the image below!

Since I am on the Monster theme...In Math we played Math Movers: Monster Edition as a review for our end of the nine weeks assessments! Here are few pictures of my kiddos in action!

(He's finished and is practicing his math ring while he waits to move to the next number)

If you'd like to play Math Movers: Monster Edition in your classroom you can get the packet from TPT by clicking on the image below!

Are you scared yet?? : ) Off to work on some literacy things for my little monsters next week! 

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  1. Hello! I can't get the rock monster paper to come up. Would you mind sending me a copy via e-mail? I would greatly appreciate it! Love your stuff! Kendra