Math Problem of the Day {2nd Nine Weeks}

I have been trying like crazy to get myself together for the second nine weeks which officially started today.  I used my 2nd Grade Math Problem of the Day pack during the 1st nine weeks and it was a great way to start off our math block each day.  I just put the finishing touches on a larger set of 35 Math Problem of the Day's for the 2nd nine weeks! It's a printer-friendly black and white pack which contains Common Core aligned math questions or tasks for the 2nd nine weeks! Click on the image below to check the preview out on TPT and see which standards are addressed (hint: LOTS of measurement!).
First person to comment (and leave their e-mail address) gets it for FREE!!  Happy Friday Eve everyone : )


  1. Woot, crossing my fingers! :)

    Cathy VerSteeg

  2. Thinking this is going to be great!

    Swinging Through Second Grade

  3. I have this packet AND the first packet on my wishlist....looks so useful !!!

    Lindsey -

  4. Your project topics gave me the idea on which topic I have to submit my maths assignment.

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