Flat Stanley

Well, I feel like I did a whole lotta nothing today.  I don't know if I mentioned it before but I have a fantastic student teacher this semester (which is why I have been able to get so much done lately) and he has taken over everything but literacy which means I do a lot of sitting in the afternoons.  I know he needs to learn how to do it on his own but it is hard not to want to help, I feel so lazy just watching!  Anyways, we presented our Flat Stanley 2.0 projects last week.  Here's a few pictures of what my amazing kiddos came up with!! (Sorry the pictures are kind of dark, my hallway has the worst lighting!)

And here are some close ups of the travelers...
Visiting the Sahara Desert during a sand storm.

A Buckingham palace guard, not smiling : )

A tourist in the African Safari.

Attending a luau in Hawaii.

Dressed up in jewels from the Pyramids in Egypt.

A mountain man in the Himalayan Mountains.

My kiddos did a great job on this project.  I really enjoy it every year and they did too.  We learned so much about different place in the world which is a good start for our upcoming multicultural unit!  We are hitting the global awareness hard! 

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