iPad + SmartBoard

I have had several e-mails and questions lately about just how I connect my iPad to my Smartboard.  So I put together a few pictures.  I apologize for the blurriness but the lighting in my classroom is not the best and my phone sometimes doesn't take the best pictures.  

First, you will need an iPad and a VGA iPad adapter (iPhone 5 or iPad Mini will work too although you may need a newer adapter). 

Once I have my iPad and VGA adapter, I pull the cord from behind my laptop (it may connect into your monitor if you have a desktop).  This cord connects directly to my projector.

It connects right into the VGA adapter.

And the other end connects directly into my iPad.

Then I choose which app or book I want to project. Today I chose Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which I purchased through iBooks.

And here it is on the SmartBoard.  You can see the black cord running from the projector that I connected into the VGA adapter. 

The only downside of connecting to the SmartBoard is that the SmartBoard is not "live" when connected to the iPad.  By "live" I mean that you can't flip the pages but touching the SmartBoard, I have to touch the iPad.  And since the iPad is connected to that big cord, I usually sit on a stool right in front of the SmartBoard with it in my lap when I am projecting. 

Looking for ways to use ONE iPad in your classroom?  Don't miss this post. 

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  1. These posters are AWESOME! I'd LOVE to have a set!

  2. Our librarian bought one for every classroom in our school. We loving being able to connect the iPads especially when teaching/showing how to use a new app!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Just found your blog and love your ideas! Hope to win! :) rwrench64@yahoo.com

  4. All of the posters are awesome! I choose Informational Text Feature Poster set as the most beneficial for my class.

    Suzzanne Horton

  5. I am a new librarian who just found your blog. I love your ideas and your creativity. I just bookmarked the blog, and I look forward to following you! I would love to get the poster set for the literary genres. Also the posters about test features will be great! (and any other literature-related posters)

  6. (The anonymous comment was from Teresa in Texas.)