Quick & Easy DIY Bulletin Board

I will be moving into a brand new speech room in September and was able to get an idea of what I'll need this past week.  Since I was feeling particularly crafty this weekend I decided to put together a quick & easy bulletin board for my desk.  I am going to be purchasing quite a bit for my new job so my goal for this project was quick, easy and CHEAP.  : )  It wasn't as cheap as I would have liked but the whole project cost $20 and I bought everything from Hobby Lobby.  To complete this project all you need is a fancy 11x14 picture frame, one piece of unframed 11x17 corkboard and an exacto knife.  I saw tons of tutorials on Pinterest and here is what I did (with the help of my husband for cutting). So, I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made it!
Here are the materials I snagged from Hobby Lobby (and used the 40% off online coupon!). I already had an exacto knife at home.

I took the glass out of the frame and used the paper insert to very mathematically measure the cork board. 

 I drew a black line using a Vis-a-Vis marker since you wouldn't see it anyway.

Next, my husband stepped in and cut the line using an exacto knife.  I am terrible at cutting straight lines so whenever I need to cut straight he usually helps out! After he cut it, I put it into the frame and bent the small metal clasps around it.  I didn't put the back of the frame back on.

And here is my finished product!  All my cute push pins and bulletin board things are packed away in the garage so right now it's just a blank board but it will soon hang over my desk and hold important notes and thing! The whole project took about 15 minutes to put together.

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  1. Your bulletin board looks beautiful! Excellent job creating it!