Hi friends!  I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving break!  I had the cutest idea over break and can't wait to share it with you guys.  For my speech kiddos this month we will be making build-a-beard's to practice our speech/language targets! Santa is missing his beard and we have to help him grow a new one.  I have a pack for articulation skills and for language skills.  Here's how it works.

First print a build-a-beard depending on the skill you're working on.  Color the hat and the skin. We were working on the /p/ sound with this one.

Next, practice the word (or language skill) before gluing on each cotton ball. We said the word three times each and then used it in a sentence.

Continue until Santa's beard is back!

Here are a few of our Santa's hanging in the hallway!

Want to check it out for yourself?  Click on either of the pictures below to get it on sale today and tomorrow! 

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