Bunny Tags

It's time again for another daycare goodie!  I have to admit I love making sweet holiday gifts for Camden's daycare friends.  For Easter we're going with goldfish "carrots"!  These are super easy to make (and affordable!).  I bought the triangular goodie bags from Michaels for $2.18 (in the treat bag section).  I bought the balloon ribbon on clearance from Target for .90 and a big box of goldfish for $7.50. The tags are FREE (I didn't add in cardstock since I already had some) so the whole project cost only $11.  Here are some pictures of the finished "carrots"!  You can download the tags for free by clicking on either picture below (and the adorable clip art is from Kate Hadfield) Hope you can use them, Happy Easter!
*Please note this file is NOT editable.  You will have to write the name on the tag.  Sorry!*

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