December Therapy

It's been about a year since I dusted off this blog but I had an idea and here I am! I always love seeing what other teachers or therapists are using with their students and I thought others may enjoy this too.  So, I wanted to share what we have been using in my speech room this month.  My hope is to keep this going each month throughout 2020 (we'll see!).  I am a very visual person so here's a very visual breakdown of our December therapy activities! Many of the activities are set up for mixed groups as that is what I typically see in therapy groups. Also, my caseload includes pre-K through 5th grade students who are mostly working on articulation, language, and pragmatic skills. You can click on any of the pictures below to find the file for each activity.  

This is a super easy activity that we use with the bingo daubers. 

This is a fun craftivity to use with mixed groups.  Underneath the cotton balls are pictures, questions or speech therapy targets that students must complete before covering. 

I was going to skip this activity this year but a bunch of my kids from last year asked for it again so we made lights to string up in the speech room!

This is a new game that we played this year.  I found the mini-reindeer erasers at Dollar Tree. It has been such a hit with my students that I have similar gameboards planned for the upcoming months too. 

Paper bag games are also a favorite of my kiddos.  I have many different versions for each month/theme of the school year so you'll see these often in my therapy sessions. Inside the bag are cards specific to each student with their speech or language targets.  The best part of this activity is that after you play in therapy it's ready to send home for home practice. 

During the last week of school, I will make these with my groups.  Another great activity to get lots of speech or language targets and then send home for home practice. 

Each of my monthly no-prep printables now includes vocabulary and a comprehension story that we use in therapy.  They also include ELA and Math printables, perfect for 2nd graders! 

This file was created for use when I see my lower level students working on basic language skills such as naming, identifying, requesting, etc.  Simple but engaging activities that pair well with the monthly theme!

This week I am also prepping my FREE winter break speech and language calendars to send home too!  

That's a review of our December therapy activities, I'll be back in January with a review of new activities after the new year! 

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