10 Speech & Language Apps

During this time of teletherapy and all things digital I thought I would share my favorite or top 10 apps for speech and language!  These are the top 10 apps I use the most with the kiddos on my caseload and I have been able to use all of them during teletherapy too through the magic of screen mirroring and screen share!  

Mr. Potato Head Create and Play
This app is only available for iPad (not iPhone or Android devices) but it is pretty much the digital version of Mr. Potato Head.  The kids can create him and then take him to a "scene" where he does silly things. I have found kids in pre-K through 2nd grade typically enjoy this app. When working face-to-face we would often make a real Mr. Potato Head, play for a bit, and then let the kids create one on the iPad too. 

My Play Home
I'm a big fan of the My Play Home line of apps...there is a school, house, ice cream shop and I'm sure more than that!  They are pretty open-ended and have been great for teletherapy because the kids have to tell me what they want to do or see. These are great for pre-K-1st grade.

This is an app to make a simple, visual, digital schedule.  I have recommended this to many teachers and parents.  You can use the pre-loaded pictures or you can take pictures and add your own.  There is an option for a timer also.  The kids move the task to the right when they have completed it.

Tiny Hands
There are MANY tiny hands apps and I honestly love them all.  They are great for basic concepts in grades pre-K through 1st.  This one particular has activities for sorting, grouping by various attributes, and size which we have used to target superlatives. 

Articulation Station
I can't say enough good things about all the Little Bee apps.  They were created by a speech-language pathologist and you can definitely tell!  This one should be a staple in every speech room! I have the pro version which includes all phonemes and activities.  But, I have also had many parents purchase only the targeted sound to work at home. I love the group option to quickly switch back and forth between phonemes.  Screen sharing this app has also worked great during teletherapy too!

Multiple Meanings Library
This one is developed by Smarty Ears, another speech-language pathologist and I use many of their apps too.  This one is great because it has a hierarchy of skills such as auditory bombardment, picture identification, definitions, fill in the blanks, and make up sentences all using real-life pictures. 

Little Stories
I just bought this one during our switch to teletherapy and am SO glad I did.  It has short reading passages that contain many words with specifically targeted phonemes (mostly later sounds; /R, L, S, L-blends, TH/, perfect for older kids working on articulation skills!  I also love that it has comprehension questions at the end making it super easy to use with mixed groups or to use when self-monitoring articulation skills. 

Apraxia Words
I have had this app since I began working as an SLP and it is great for younger kids, especially kids with CAS or severe phonological disorders.  It has a great hierarchy of targets by placement to work up to mastery and offers lots of repetition!

Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Fridge
Peekaboo Barn is my all-time favorite app because it is super engaging to my younger kids and my kids with Autism. They just love it and I can target so many things with this app; naming objects, identifying objects, answering simple WH- questions, taking turns, making requests, so much! I even have the Peekaboo Barn flap-book to go with it too!

Articulation Test Center Pro
This is the app I definitely use the most.  I use the articulation screener in this app for every kiddo I screen and test.  It is a wonderful articulation screener and also made by Little Bee!

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