Boom and Books

Let's talk a little about teletherapy!  This past spring was a huge adjustment for me with switching to teletherapy (which I had never done!) and I worked really hard to turn some of my face-to-face activities into digital activities.  Boom and Books was born!

First, I found Boom Cards through Boom Learning, and then I started creating!  I found that pairing a read-aloud with the boom cards made for a great session (or sometimes two sessions).   I have always followed a loose theme each month when working face to face so moving to digital wasn't too bad.  I created two separate lines of activities.  One (Drag and Drop Articulation) focuses on practicing articulation skills and the other (Digital Adventures) focuses on basic language skills for younger learners.  I found a good routine of reading a thematic book (using my Osmo to project) and then completing or playing a Boom Card activity.

 Here's a peek at the eight themes I created!  We didn't get a chance to learn or work through all the themes so I plan on picking up and using them in the fall too.  The best part is that Boom Cards can be used digitally for teletherapy but also are easily used when working face to face too.  Here are my eight themes and a variety of books I pair with the Boom Cards.  I will change the book depending on the age of the kiddos and/or the goals we're working with. 

Forest Friends
 We didn't get to this one yet, but this is what I plan to start with when school starts again in the fall. 

Down by the Pond
This was perfect for the spring.  We also included some learning about life cycles and insects with this theme too. My 2nd-3rd graders think the Very Impatient Caterpillar is hilarious. 

Under the Sea
This was our last theme before we finished the school year. Pete the Cat and the Scuba Cat followed the ocean animals perfectly with the Under the Sea Boom Cards. 

This was the first theme I started with for teletherapy.  Dinosaurs are always super engaging for my little ones! The Mine-O-Saur book is also a great way to incorporate social skills. 

We only did a little bit of zoo animal activities this spring. We worked alot on sorting animals (zoo/ocean/farm) with my younger language kids so I plan to go back to this during the next school year.  Dear Zoo is one of my favorite little read-alouds.  

This was another one we didn't do much with this school year but I am excited to have the materials for next year! Peekaboo Barn has always been a favorite app with my kiddos and the book is very similar!  

We didn't get to this theme this year but another good one for next year. I was inspired to create materials for this theme when each of my kids wanted to show me their pets every session. : )

Outer Space
Another fun theme that doesn't get a lot of recognition. This one would be great for summer teletherapy, especially with the recent launch! 

You can find each activity in my TPT or Boom Store as well as two bundles of each! 


I hope that has given some new book ideas if you like teaching or following themes like me!  I have a few more thematic ideas I am working on for the fall! 

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