Osmo Document Camera Tutorial

Navigating teletherapy has been quite the journey these past few months.  I wanted to share something new I learned about using my Osmo kit as a document camera!  Before you dive into this post please know that these are the directions for using the Osmo base kit with a Macbook computer.  I know this can also be done with a Windows computer but I am not using one so I'm not 100% sure of those steps.  The major difference between connecting with a Mac and with a Windows computer would be figuring out how to mirror the iPad screen. Mac computers come with QuickTime which is what I have been using.  On a Windows computer, you would need to download or buy a screen mirror application. So, with that being said let's get into it! 

Step One: Make sure you have the right equipment.  My Macbook is from 2018 so I have USB-C inputs.  I had to order a special lightning cord to connect.  If you have an older computer or a USB adapter you could use the regular charging cord. Also, my iPad mini is older so it doesn't have Sidecar capabilities.  If you have a new Mac computer and new iPad you could connect using Sidecar instead of hardwiring like I did. 

I have an Osmo Genius Kit from my little boys but if you are looking to buy an Osmo just for document camera purposes I would recommend just buying the base with reflector for $38.  The Osmo base. has removable inserts in those grooves so it can change size depending on the iPad you have. 

Here's a closer look at the USB-C to lightning cord I used. 

Step Two: Connect your cord to the computer and thread it through the Osmo base. 

Step Three: Download the FREE Osmo Projector App from the App store onto your iPad. 

Step Four: Connect your iPad to the cord, insert your iPad into the base, and attach the reflector.  You will have to remove your iPad case for it to fit into the base.  Osmo does now make a case that fits the base but I don't have one. 

Step Five: Open the Osmo Projector App. Find a book or paper material you want to share. This is what the completed set-up should look like.  Once you get to this point you are ready to move to the computer. 

Step Six:  On your computer open the QuickTime application. Go to "File" and click "New Movie Recording". 

Step Seven: Click the little arrow on the side of the recording button. 
Step Eight: Chose your iPad from the drop-down menu.  If you don't see your iPad here try reconnecting the cord or connecting the cord into a different USB or USB-C input. 

You did it!  Your iPad should now be mirrored to your computer!

Now let's talk about how to share this during a teletherapy session using either Zoom or Google Meet. First, let's look at how to share during Zoom meetings. You'll need to start a Zoom meeting then click the "share screen" button. 

This will prompt you with a new window asking what you want to share.  Click the Quick Time window that shows what your iPad is projecting. 

You did it!  This is what it should look like from your end. 

Now let's move onto Google Meet.  You'll need to start a Google Meet then go to the toolbar at the bottom and click on "Present Now".  Then you'll see this option, click on "a window". 

Then, choose the window that shows QuickTime and what your iPad is projecting. 

You did it!  This is what it should look like form your end. 

And that's that!  Whew, I know that seems like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of it it really opens up a lot of activities and definitely makes read-alouds much more enjoyable for the kids.  Here are some pictures of books we've been reading in teletherapy!  If you have any questions please leave a comment! 


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