K-1 Math Games

The last month has been quite the whirlwind between figuring out teletherapy and being home with my two boys.  These games were created for my kindergartener to help break up the screen time and worksheets. I have posted them for FREE and hope they can helpful for others! You can click on any of the pictures below to download the games. Games may require manipulatives such as dice, base ten blocks, dry erase markers or counters. 

I prepped each game by putting all the pieces in Ziploc bags.  I did laminate some of the games but that is only necessary if you want to play more than once.

Race to 120

 Spin and Solve


Roll and Remove

Hundreds Board Puzzles

Based 10 Build

Race to the Top

Four in a Row

Subitizing Battle

Addition Fact Attack

Here's the finished product!  My kindergartener picks a new game each day and we play together.  They have been a nice break from all the digital learning we've been doing. 

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