What's in your Early Intervention Bag?

Are you working with the early intervention population?  If so, be sure to check out my FREE Play-Based Speech Therapy Homework.  Here is a small collection of the toys and games I use when working with the birth-5 population!

Goals to Target: naming body parts, identifying body parts, requesting, producing 2-word phrases (blue shoes, green hat), basic verbs (walk, sleep, jump, hop, dance)

Goals to Target: following commands, identifying vocabulary, matching pictures, naming vocabulary, requesting, animal sounds, categories/sorting

Goals to Target: requesting more/please with words or signs, imitating "ready, set, go!" or "1, 2, 3, go!", producing bilabial sounds (wow, bubble, pop)

Goals to Target: naming vocabulary, identifying vocabulary, simple sentences (I see __), early literacy skills. 

Goals to Target: requesting, identifying animals, commands (Give me the __), naming, making animal sounds, basic concepts (in/out, on/off, etc)

Goals to Target: requesting (more/please), naming (boy/girl/bus/eyes/nose/wheels/door, etc), making environmental sounds ("vroom, beep"), following routine, stop/go, singing with gestures

Goals to Target: identifying colors, basic concepts (up/down, in/out, over/under, etc.), requesting objects to put in/out/under/over

Goals to Target: environmental sounds ("beep, vroom, crash, choo-choo"), stop/go, fast/slow, identifying and naming colors

Since I originally posted this post I had added to my bag quite a bit for my younger kiddos but these are still many of the items I reach for! 

Want to check out some more Early Intervention bags?  Head over and check out the linky!


  1. I LOVE, LoVe, LOVE your web-site!!! Just found you thru Pintrest! I am a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing for Early Intervention. You are AMAZING! Thank you for all of this wonderful information! Susan from Boston

  2. Would there be any way that these could be printed out and like put on a ring? Do you have a printable version?

  3. hi, I agree with the above comment!!! I would love if we could print these out, on a whole page or as individual cards!!! is this an option?

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  5. There are so many good ideas here! I use Mr. Potato Head, peg puzzles and play dough mats in my ABA programs with children with autism and in my home coaching programs too! Thanks for the awesome tips!

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