Toddler Homework with Toys {FREEBIE}

Recently I have had a lot of requests for homework for my toddler kiddos that I see out of the office.  Since their parents aren't usually there during the session to observe/participate in therapy and they are too young for worksheets and things like that I find it's often hard to give homework without giving the parent a lecture.  So, I thought about the top toys I use in therapy (you can check out THIS post if you're interested in my go-to therapy toys) and decided to do a short write up of how they can use the toys to facilitate language at home.  I have quite a few kiddos who are working on naming and identifying vocabulary which is great because it is such a broad goal I can bring in vocabulary with just about any activity. If you are struggling like I was to give parents ideas on how to facilitate language at home with toys check these out, they're FREE! : )

(Note: This packet is text heavy, with any packet that has a lot of text there is the risk of a typo, no matter how much I edit and edit again one likes to sneak in.  If you find a typo please kindly let me know so I can fix it, thank you!)

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