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UPDATE: The winner of a FREE copy of Behavior Bank is Rose from Teacher and Lifelong Learner!  Congratulations, an e-mail is coming your way!

Looking for a new approach to classroom management?  I have been using what I call the "Behavior Bank" for five years now.  I started it when I taught first graders and now use in second grade too.  The general idea of the program is that students can earn coins for positive behavior and they can spend their coins on various rewards. It is a great way to practice positive behavior and counting coins.  It has truly helped my kiddos become great at counting coins and making change.  We all know how long it takes some kiddos to master the concept of coins and using this program for a whole year really helps! Here are a few pictures from my classroom. 

Each student gets a "bank" to keep their money in.  I bought these from the Dollar Tree.  They came in a 10 pack for $1.00.  I don't start with all four coins right away, we use pennies and nickels first and then ease into dimes and quarters.

This is the "big bank" where I keep my money that I have gathered from various math packs over the last few years.  When student banks get too full with pennies or nickels we trade in for dimes and nickels so that I don't run out of money.

Here is an old chart of the different goods and services they could buy with their money.  Most of them didn't require me to spend any of my own money which was great!  The biggest sellers typically are pick a class job and pick your own seat.  The treasure box/treat bucket was a close third.

So, I wanted to spruce up the system and make some cute posters to use for next year.  I put all the directions, posters, labels, behavior charts and parent notifications into a new pack, Behavior Bank!  If you think this system could work for you, click on either picture below to check it out on TPT!

Leave a comment (with your e-mail address) and I will pick one person to win a FREE copy by tomorrow night!  


  1. This is such a great way to teach money for my ELL students that do not have much experience with money and also with some minor behavior issues.

  2. I tried doing this with dollars this year but love using coins so much better. It would probably be more manageable, too!

  3. I love this! Even my third graders struggle with counting coins!

  4. This seems awesome! And the kids are getting practice working with money too!
    Teaching in the Valley

  5. What a great way to practice counting coins too! Wow! Love this system!

  6. Deanna, I used a similar program with bills for the last month of the year, but this would be even better to start the year with! I love it!

  7. This looks wonderful! I want to try this! :)

  8. This sounds great! Much needed practice with money and reinforcing positive behavior!

  9. This is great! I would love to win! Thanks~


  10. What an awesome behavior system! I would love to win!

    Fifth Grade Features

  11. I would love a copy for my classroom!


  12. I do a classroom economy, but only during our social studies unit on goods and services. Love how this can be used all year.

    Fingers crossed!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  13. You never let us down! You are so innovative and definitely know how to teach with an interdisciplinary style!

  14. I have been intrigued by this idea but wasn't sure exactly how to set it up. Love this! Meaningful learning!

  15. I have been using the clip chart in my room for two years and this would be a great addition to enhancing their money skills! Hope you are enjoying your summer now that it has started! I look forward to checking in with your blog to see what other fantastic ideas you come up with! I am heading over now to donate to Learning is Something to Treasure! Thanks for sharing that!


  16. This is a great idea! They are taking responsibility for their actions & learning to count money! Two very difficult tasks. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Ohhhh I love! I'm always looking for new ways to integrate mathematics into the classroom management system! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  18. You have no idea how much time you have saved me this summer! This was top priority on my to-do list this summer and has now been marked off! :)


  19. I am so excited that you created this unit. It is on my wish list at TPT! I use a version of this in my classroom now but I love the way you made it so much cuter than I have :) Thank you,

  20. Great unit. I love using money to teach math.
    Kids Math Teacher

  21. Deana-I just bought your behavior bank on TPT and I love it! I was wondering if I could see how you use the Payroll Sheet. Do you hand out money as they earn it or make a checklist for when they earn and hand out money at a specific time? Thank you!

    -Lindsey Garcia

    1. Hi Lindsey! For the payroll sheet, it's more of a reference for the kids on what they can earn money for. I hand money out whenever they earn it throughout the day. The payroll chart just lets them know what they should or could be earning more for. I hope that helps : )