Five for Friday!

I know it's late but hubby took me out for a sweet dinner date to Outback after school since it is our LAST Friday of the year!  Without further ado, here are a few pictures from my week!

I finally gave my team their end-of year gift!  They came out super cute and they loved them!

My kiddo's end-of year presents are also DONE!  All they needed were tags and some ribbon!

We had awards on Thursday, Michelle Oake's Dollar Store Superlatives were a HUGE hit with both the kids and the parents!

We have been working our way down the Race into Summer countdown.  One day this week was an "art" day so we broke out the shaving cream and made some art on our desks! (Yes, they also got it all over their clothes, in their hair, on their was a mess, but oh so fun!)

I got an early end-of-year present today (we still have 1/2 a day on Monday).  The totally nerdy side of me is SO excited about this gift! I may or may not have stamped ALL my chapter books at school today.

And there ya' have it!  Another week in the books, only a 1/2 a day on Monday, a few teacher workdays and then sweet, sweet summertime!  Have an awesome weekend friends!


  1. I had the same idea as you. I just bought a stamp from vista print!

  2. I love the stamp! I recently ordered a custom stamp and some stickers from Vistaprint. The end of the year gift you gave your teammates is super cute; I'm sure you made their day!


  3. I love the stamp for the books. I usually use a sticker label that I make to put in all of my books! I also love your team gifts! Love the label!


    The Bilingual Teacher

  4. I love your end-of-the-year gifts! I did something similar, but I was going for a beachy theme. So, instead of mason jars, I used little beach buckets. I found them in the dollar section at Target. I never thought of adding a tag...your tags are too cute!


  5. Your team gifts are adorable. I'm sure they loved them. Isn't it funny how teachers get so excited about office supplies.
    Primary Paradise

  6. I love your team gifts. Your blog is gorgeous and I love reading what you have been up to. What sort of food do you get from OUTBACK? I am an interested Aussie....
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths