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This first week at home has been a whirlwind.  We are trying to find somewhat of a balance between doing homeschool activities, working from home and just being together all hours of the day.  Since it's looking like we may be home for quite some time I wanted to do some organizing with our "homeschool materials".  Now let me say I did NOT buy all these things this past week.  Being a former teacher and now a speech-language pathologist I often think it's fun to buy my kids educational games, art supplies and toys for holidays and birthdays so I just collected all of the things we had and put them in one central location.  I did buy the cart, the organizing cups, and baskets this week.  I ordered everything from Amazon since we are stuck at home. I will try to link everything as best as I can. Please know that I am not an amazon affiliate (or an affiliate of anything for that matter), I make no money off your clicks and I just genuinely like these products to use with my children. Also, my children are 2.5 and almost 6 so the materials on our cart may be different than what would work for your children if they are different ages. 

Having said all that the cart came out better than I imagined and is definitely super organized!  After all this quarantine business ends and life goes somewhat back to normal the cart is small enough to fit into my closet to keep all our art/craft supplies and I will most likely take some of these things back to my speech room.  If you have any questions about the materials or how we use them please let me know! 

To start, here's the cart, hanging baskets and mini-white organizing baskets I ordered this week.  The black basket at the bottom and the galvanized tubs at the top we had, both are from Walmart. 

Let's start with the top tier!  From bottom left moving clockwise here's what I've added!

Now for the second tier! 
Magnetic Alphabet (Target Dollar Spot)
Magnetic Numbers (Target Dollar Spot)
Magnetic Shapes (Target Dollar Spot)
Alphabet Flashcards (bought from local teacher store, but link is similar)
Number, Shapes, and Colors Flashcards (bought from local teacher store)

The Bottom Tier!
Magnetic Cookie Sheets (Dollar Tree)
Dry Erase Primary Lined Board (bought from local teacher store but link is similar)

That wraps it up!  I hope that's given you some ideas to use with your homeschool adventure!

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