Alphabet Toys for Little Learners

My 3 year-old has recently become interested in letters so we are taking this opportunity to expose him to all things alphabet!  I had a lot of these toys/materials for my oldest and it's fun to bring them back out.  Here are some of our favorite alphabet toys for little learners!

First up are magnetic letters.  I bought these letters HERE from amazon.  I pair them with a $1 cookie sheet from Dollar Tree and the Magnetic Letter Template from Just a Primary Girl.  We work mainly on just matching the letters by placing them on top, but we will also name them as we go. 

Still using the cookie sheet,  we play with alphabet magnets from Target!  These are several years old so they are no longer available but I would check the Bullseye Spot soon for all the new back-to-school items.  There may be something similar. 

This is a new toy for us, the Leap Frog Mr. Pencil's ABC Backpack.  I bought this as an Easter present for the letters but also for the magnetic writing pad too.  The letters come out, there are several songs/activities that can be played and it folds up into a cute little plastic backpack. 

We love puzzles here and this Melissa and Doug ABC puzzle has been used many times! Underneath the letters is a picture that begins with that letter sound.  It has been great for naming basic vocabulary too. 

We play with playdoh quite a bit and when they came out with their Learn Letters and Language sets I bought them up for both my kids and to take to school.  These are fun to stamp, spell or just play with.  The only downside is that they only come in uppercase letters. 

More Leap Frog!  This Fridge Phonics set is another hand-me down from my oldest.  It is magnetic and usually sits on our dishwasher.  When you put the letters into the bus it plays a song to tell you the sound the letter makes.  There is even a cute apple version now too!

We also read books about letters!  These are our two current favorite.  Chicka Chicak Boom Boom and A is for Apple.  We love A is for Apple because it has flip-flaps and under the flaps are pictures of objects that begin with that letter so it's another good one to work on naming vocabulary too.

And that wraps it up!  These are our favorites to begin learning the letters and for alphabet exposure!


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  2. margaretkimbleeaton@gmail.comJune 16, 2024 at 10:46 PM

    Hi! If you are ever interested in getting rid of your Alphabet object magnets from Target, I would be interested in buying them. I came online trying to find them. I had a set and it got lost in a cleaning. Im afraid they were possibly thrown away and I wanted to get another set for nostalgia reasons. I know this is very unlikely to happen but it is worth a try. Awesome post too. I would love to try these techniques with my nephew. My email is and my name is Margaret Eaton. 💕