How-To Share Boom Cards with a Fast Pin

Want an easy way to send practice to your students?  I share my cards with my students by using a "fast pin". Sharing a boom card deck with a fast pin is almost instant for families and students to practice!  I am going to share the steps to sharing a fast pin today.  The only downside to sharing a fast pin (instead of assigning decks through your classroom on Boom Learning) is that their accuracy will not be recorded.  If you want the student's accuracy to be recorded they will need to create a Boom Learning Account, you would need to add them to your "classroom" and assign the deck that way.  I don't go this route because I have found it's too many steps for my families and I am not interested in keeping accuracy during home practice. I have been sharing my Articulation Cards with my students/families exclusively through fast pins, here's how! 

Step One: Go to your Boom Learning Library.  I am using my iPad to show you today but you could easily do this on a computer too, the steps would be the same. 

Step Two: Scroll to the deck you want to share. I am choosing my Articulation Cards- /S/. 

Step Three: Click on the blue "Action" button on the deck you want to share. This will show you a drop-down menu.

Step Four: Once you see the drop-down menu, click on "fast pin". 

Step Five: A Pop-Up box will appear, click on "generate pin". 

Step Six: The pop-up box will change and you will see a pin along with a link.  I copy and paste the link at the bottom to send to my families/students.  

You can send the link whichever way you communicate with your families (ex. Class Dojo, e-mail, Google Classroom, etc.).  The best part of sharing fast pins is that your students do not have to have a Boom Learning account, no logging on is required.  The link will instantly take them to the deck to practice. Keep in mind that the fast pin link does expire after 14 days so you may want to send it again when it expires.  And that's how I share my cards with my students. It's fast, easy, and a great way to practice! 

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  1. You can put the cards on the body as tattoos, of course only for adults. It is beautiful and modern.