10 Articulation Goals to Target with a Little People Toy Farm

When I first started working as an SLP I found it easy to incorporate language goals into play but had to be more intentional to also target articulation goals too.  A little people farm is a staple in my speech room both for language and articulation goals.  Here are some of the ways I target skills using the farm! I've included a list of words (or animal sounds) that I often use when targeting the sounds. You'll see many of the words are repeated as they can work on several sounds depending on which position of the word you're working with. 

Words: barn, big, baa, brown, bock-bock, black, bath, scrub, broken, blanket
Words: moo, mud, meh, farm, mine, more, mess
Words: pig, sheep, people, pink, pigpen, put, up, soap, help, point
Words: neigh, night-night, no, in, chicken, brown, pink, one, nine
Words: farm, feed, farmer, fix, find, four, five, woof, fast
Words: duck, dog, dirty, feed, dig, do, feed, all done, dry, down, door
Words: tractor, tree, two, out, tiny, eat, white, eight, tool, wet, towel, water
Words: duck, cow, oink, quack, cat, walk, cluck, chicken, clean, black, pink, wake, look, count
Words: pig, goat, grass, go, green, get, give, good, hungry
Words: horse, small, stop, sleep, slop, six, seven, soap, scrub, slow, fast, see, yes, sit

So how do you elicit these sounds or words?  Through play!  I often sit with the child and just start playing using my imagination. The sillier you are the more fun to be had.   Here are some ways to play. 
  • Feed the animals (eat, grass, good, give, farmer, feed, more, mess, hungry)
  • Make the animals move (walk, run, stop, go, slow, fast)
  • Make animal sounds (moo, oink, neigh, meh, baa, cluck, bock, woof)
  • Count the animals (count, point, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten)
  • Put the animals to bed (sleep, night-night, shh, quiet, wake up, go to sleep, lay down, blanket)
  • Wash the animals (dirty, clean, mud, soap, bath, wash, scrub, towel, dry, wet, water)
  • Name the animals (cow, pig, chicken, goat, duck, horse, sheep, farmer, barn)
  • Fix things around the farm (fix, broken, tool, help, all done, dig, yes, no)
  • Hide the animals (find, where, look, give, in, out)
  • Bring a field trip to the farm (walk, look, line up, bus, kids, stop, go, where, see, door, sit)
The last idea would involve also having a little people bus but it opens up your play to even more opportunities and would be great to help prepare a kiddo who may be going on a field trip soon!
That's how I play with the farm! I hope that gives you some ideas to use with your students or children!

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