Articulation Mini-Objects

I love mini-objects!  They are super cute and there are so many ways to play during therapy.  I decided it was time I organize my mini-objects!  I have a collection of mini-objects from Dinky Doodads (I bought the complete speech therapy set) and I also have the Lakeshore Alphabet Tubs.  So, when making labels I included both sets of objects on the label. Here's how I organized!

Dinky Doodads sends the objects in these awesome, organized bags.  Most of the sounds are paired with their consonant cognates so I kept most of the pairings the same in the photo boxes. 

I printed my labels on Astrobrights colored paper and then laminated them front to back (if I had two types of mini-objects in the same box)

I used this photo box organizer from Michael's to organize all the objects.  It was on sale for $14.99!

My Lakeshore Alphabet Tubs came with these tubs to hold the mini-items.  I haven't yet merged the DinkyDoodads and the Lakeshore items.  The Lakeshore items are a lot bigger than the DinkyDoodads so I may keep them separate but both sets of items are listed on the labels. 

Need some ideas for how to use them in therapy? I organized them for articulation therapy but they can easily be used for language therapy too. Here are some of the ways we play!
- Put items on a table, play iSpy
- Name objects for articulation drill and practice
- Add items to a sensory bin with rice, beads, etc.
- Put items in a mystery box/bag, give clues for students to guess
- Hide an item, play 10 questions to guess the hidden item
- Make an adjective web to describe the item
- Sort objects by a defined attribute (ex. color, material, function)
- Practice naming object function
- Name categories in which the item would belong
- Use items to create a silly story
- Generate sentences using the objects
- Hide objects and use prepositions to describe where they are

You can also use them for teletherapy too, these pictures give you an example of how you can play iSpy with the objects using a document camera.  

Do you have mini-objects in your speech room?  You can download the labels for FREE by clicking on the picture below!

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