Make and Take Therapy Ideas

 Even though I am beginning my school year virtually, I have been thinking a lot about what face to face therapy will look like when we get to return to school.  Before the pandemic, I was a big fan of "make and take" therapy activities.  These are games, crafts or worksheets where we would "make" them or complete them during our session and then they could "take" them home for home practice.  I am planning on sticking to this kind of therapy when we return, mainly because it's easy to print and go with specific goals targeted and it limits the sharing of materials when everyone has their one worksheet/game to make and do. 

The best part is that no laminating is involved and most activities are just print and go! If you are currently working remotely these are also great activities to use when putting together a home practice packet.  Here are some "make and take" games, worksheets, and activities I like to use! 

First up are flipbooks!  I have a set for vowel sounds, a set for final consonant deletion, and a set for articulation sounds.  I have also included a simple flipbook in my no prep articulation bundle packs

Next, I have brochures!  These have information for the parents/caregivers and activities for the kids to complete or do.  I have three sets of brochures; speech sounds, language skills and fluency skills. The fluency skills brochures are FREE!

I love no-prep articulation cards!  I use them for so many things in therapy.  I have a set of no-prep cards in my store, and I also have cards in all of my paper bag games that are just print and go! I like to pair them with my practice pockets from my no-prep articulation bundle packs too. 

Next up are my Paper Bag Games!  I have one game for each month that we can play and it pairs well with the monthly holiday or theme. I really like these because the cards go home in a bag and are less likely to be lost. I usually paste the picture/directions on the front and then cut the top of the bag to size.  This makes it easier to pull cards out. 

This next activity are my Speech and Language Dot Art worksheets.  This one may be a little trickier with sharing the dot markers, instead, you may want students to just color in their shape instead of dotting using their own personal box of crayons. These are also thematic for each month too. 

Sticking with the no-prep are my articulation and language no-prep printables!  These include games, worksheets, and crafts for specific articulation or language skills #1 and language skills #2

Moving on to printable games!  These are sets of games (all games are the same in appearance but differ by targeted skill).  They are mainly for articulation sounds but since they all look and play the same it's easy to mix sounds if you are planning for a mixed group!  These games also take a little bit of time to complete which is great, we usually don't have much extra time at the end of a session.  

And last but definitely not least....workbooks!  I put these together last year mainly by parent request but have found that many of the pages are great to use in therapy and then send home. I have made workbooks for all articulation sounds, one for fluency skills and for some language skills (still working on those!). 

That wraps it up!  I hope I have given you some ideas for "make and take" speech therapy activities! 

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