Apple Therapy Theme

I went all-in on an apple theme for therapy this year! We will spend about two weeks working through a variety of apple-themed therapy activities that focus on language or articulation skills. After apples, we'll move into fruits/vegetables.  I am still 100% remote so all that we do will be done over teletherapy, mostly with the help of a document camera or screen sharing.  I wanted to share some of the games, activities, and books I have made or collected all about apples in case you were planning an apple theme too!
These attribute apples were a new purchase from Aamzon this year and I absolutely love them.  They made for an awesome language session.  I showed two to three apples at a time and we came up with similarities and differences. 

Here's my collection of apple-themed books.  They vary in levels of difficulty and fiction/non-fiction depending on the skills we're targeting with my group. For my younger kids we read How Do Apples Grow?  With my older groups, we read Fall Apple Fun and kept a speech sound word list of words from the book that had our speech sound (for articulation groups). 

I made two new Boom Card decks for apples, All About...Apples and Apple Picking.  All About Apples focuses on language skills (a short story, WH- questions, describing, labeling) and Apple Picking is for articulation skills (25 phonemes are included)!  When we play these I open them in on the Boom Learning website and screen share them over our video conferencing platform (We are using WebEx now but we used to use Google Meet).  For the Apple Picking game, we go over the words before moving any of the apples and pick a "winning word".  Whoever finds that word, wins!

Apple Orchard!  I have been making these seasonal dice games for each month and this was the last one I needed to complete the school year.  I use mini-apple erasers to cover the spaces.  Over teletherapy, I modify the game rules slightly.  We play with just one gameboard, I roll digital dice from Toy Theater.  The kids pick a column and if the dice lands on their column they practice and I cover a space.  The first player to cover all the pictures/words in their column wins!

The mini-presents were such a hit during our "birthdays" week (our theme for the first two weeks was "All About Me" and one week we shared about our brithdays and then used the mini-presents to practice) that I found these from amazon and ordered them.  They are perfect to hide mini-objects or toys/magnets.  The kids pick an apple and use whatever is inside to practice their skills. 

And I do still have my Apple Dot Art which we would normally do during apple week if we were face to face.  A few parents asked for some extra practice this week so I sent these digitally for them to color and practice! 

After apples week we will move into fruits/vegetables!  I will try my best to share that too, I won't go all out with every theme like this (some sessions we just play a simple game and call it a day) but this one was particularly fun!

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