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 Today I am sharing my current favorite toys to use with pre-schoolers during teletherapy!  Not being able to really play with my little ones has been the hardest part of teletherapy for me with pre-schoolers.  So much of what I did face-to-face was play!  So, I have been trying to get creative with how to still incorporate toys into teletherapy since I know they are high interest for little ones and they definitely keep their attention.  I also learned a lot from Kristine at Live, Love, Speech during the Five Day Osmo Challenge, and how she uses toys with her kiddos. I am a very visual learner so I took a bunch of pictures of how I use these toys during my sessions. Here's what we've been playing with!

First up are cars!   I have been using my FREE Vocbaulary Parking Lots and placing them under the Osmo/document camera.  If you only have one car, no problem just make it move from space to space.  We use these mats to name, identify, and answer questions.  The kids tell me where to "park" the car. 

Next, are the Mini-Presents from Learning Resources!  These are new to me this year and so far all the kids on my caseload have loved them.  They come with cute little toys inside that I've been using with my pre-schoolers and for my older kids, I have been filling them with sound specific mini-objects from Dinky Doodads. 

This board book has been the perfect introduction before playing with the presents for my little ones. 

The mini-objects are from Dinky Doodads and the label is a freebie in my TPT store. 

Next, are magnets!  I shared these with my sensory bin post but they are so versatile we play with them a lot!  We can name, identify, sort, many skills!  I bought the farm animals, zoo animals, fruits/vegetables, and transportation/occupations sets. 

And of course, I had to include my new sensory bin!  I cut up milkshake straws from amazon to use a "filler" when I saw that idea from Felice at The Dabbling Speechie!

If you have followed along with me for a while you know I LOVE Little People toys and they are the next item on my list!  I have put them in the sensory bin, in a mystery box, and just played or showed them during teletherapy. I like to mix the farm/zoo animals to sort and I have a good collection of occupations to talk about community helpers!

Do you have a Little People Farm?  Check out this POST all about goals you can target with a farm!

Here's my "mystery box" for pre-school.  The student could see the red box but not what was inside with the web cam. I gave clues for them to try to figure out which animal was hiding inside. 

These are not "technically" toys but I have to mention board books.  I love introducing a session with a themed board book and books with flip-flaps are even better because they encourage an interactive element.  Here are some of my favorites! Check out this POST for more ideas!

This is what we're reading next week for our Apple theme!

And last but not least I have my NEW sandbox!  This is something I learned about from Kristine at Live, Love Speech during the Osmo Challenge, and wanted to try out!  I used kinetic sand in the box because it sticks together and makes much less of a mess.  I used any little mini-objects or toys to put in the box.  I know a popular choice are Toobs which you can find on amazon or Hobby Lobby.  Dollar Tree also has lots of mini-options for animals. 

Fruits and vegetables will be our first "theme" for the sandbox.  I have a fruits/vegetable Toob and I also have some fruits/vegetables mini-erasers.  I plan on having the students "hunt" for only fruits during this activity.  

That's it for now!  I am always on the hunt for new toys or toys that fit our therapy theme, I will be sure to share any new and fun toys I find!

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