Earth Day Therapy Theme

 We had a mini-Earth Day theme during the week of Earth Day that I shared on Instagram but wanted to also share here too!  This theme kind of snuck up on us but it was our first time really getting back into crafts which the kids loved.  Here are some books, games and materials we used in therapy for the week of Earth Day. 

This was our first time since being in-person that we made a craft again and the kids loved it.  It took them a while to color their Earth so while they colored I read the Earth book below.  These little Dot Art printables are perfect for mixed language/articulation groups and the kids are always so proud of their work.  I also love that they double as home practice too!

This series is awesome, I read Earth while my kids worked on their Dot Art and they loved it. I read Moon and Sun at home with my boys and will save them for when we have our Outer Space theme. 

For my older groups who weren't into the Dot Art we kept a word list of words with our speech sound while we read the book instead. 

For my articulation kids I see more than once a week, the first day we made the Dot Art and the second day we took the Earth Day 50 Challenge. Another easy mixed articulation group activity. 

I put together a few more printables in my Earth Day Print N' Go file for some of my groups who needed some different things to work on.  My pre-K kids always love a playdough mat too!

Right now I am borrowing a classroom with a SmartBoard (yay!).  So if we have extra time at the end of a session we have been playing some Boom Card games. This Earth Day Four-in-a-Row game is a hit with my 3rd graders and up.

My 1st-3rd graders working on language skills read the Earth Day Boom Book.  It has ten WH-questions with visual, a sequencing activity, yes/no questions and a retelling activity which are great to target a variety of language skills. 

And last but not least I have a FREE deck called Recycling.  It focused mainly on sorting/categorizing materials for recycling. It was another great deck to use for a variety of skills and to learn a little about recycling too. 

That wraps up Earth Day!  Now we are moving on to animals! We will spend a week with pond animals and then on to bugs! 



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