Weather Therapy Theme

 I have a few mini-themes going in March after St. Patrick's Day.  Sometimes a theme fits all ages but other times I like to choose different themes for different ages, this week my 1st-5th graders were learning about the weather (and a little about seasons).  My Pre-K-Kindergarteners were learning about colors.  This post is about weather!  Here are a few of the materials we used during language or articulation therapy to incorporate a weather theme. 

As always, I like to start with books. There are so many books about weather, so we won't read all of these books but I will pick and choose from this collection depending on the group and skills. 

Most of my articulation (and some language) groups will make a Rain Cloud Dot Art!  We have also made these in the past by gluing cotton balls instead of using the dot markers.  These pages are so easy to just print and go and work really well when I have mixed groups. 

Since we aren't supposed to share supplies this year and I am still seeing quite a few kids through teletherapy I also created some Boom Cards too!  My kids really love the iSpy games, so I have iSpy Weather!

My older students (3rd-5th) enjoy these 50 trial challenges.  This month's challenge has rain clouds!  Our challenge is to use the words at the bottom of the page to say our speech sound 50 times throughout the session. 

I have also enjoyed this All About...Boom Card series this year so I put one together for weather. It is heavily non-fiction with a story, activities to describe, find the function of the weather tool, read a weather report and label the water cycle. 

Seasons and weather go together so often and some of my groups needed a Seasons "refresher" so I also put together a FREE boom card deck with activities covering the four seasons. (And Spring is our next theme so this was a great way to transition into Spring) It has a short story, sorting activity, "when" questions, and identifying the season based on clothing. 

That wraps up weather, it's really more of a mini-theme than a full theme but it is a fun one! Next up, we have spring! 

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