St. Patrick's Day Therapy Theme

 Welcome to March!  It's looking like I may be headed back to some face-to-face therapy soon and I am excited!  I will still have students remaining virtual too so you'll still see a mix of teletherapy and face-to-face activities.  This month is full of fun, colorful themes.  We'll stick to mainly three themes in March; colors, weather, and St. Patrick's Day. Since rainbows can fit into any of those themes you'll see a lot of them this month if you're following along on Instagram!  This post is a collection of all the St. Patrick's Day fun we'll be having.  We'll more than likely be using this theme for 2-3 weeks for some groups. Check it out! 

As always we start with a collection of books!  I added to my collection this year and my favorites are There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover ( check out THIS companion) and How to Catch a Leprechaun but there are several that are so fun! 

I have some groups who ask to play Bingo every session.  So, I have made different bingo sets for each season and this month we'll work in some March Bingo!  It's great to work on naming and identifying vocabulary for those working on lower-level language skills. We usually use gold coins from Dollar Tree as playing chips.

Speaking of vocabulary....I have several ways to introduce, teach and practice seasonal March vocabulary.  I have paper cards/definitions in my March No Prep Printables, I have picture cards in my March Vocabulary and I have two boom card games, iSpy March and March Winning Word.  We'll use a combination of all to practice and play.

These rainbow erasers from Target will get a lot of use this month since rainbows are in every theme we'll cover.  They make great game pieces for my Mini-Eraser Speech Gameboards. And these boards come with articulation and language targets so mixed groups is easy. 

Those gold coins I talked about above will also be used to play Lots O' Luck.  This game is similar to my Mini-Eraser Speech games but uses a full-size gameboard.  Another file that has articulation and language targets for mixed groups. 

You know every month I have to have one Dot Art!  This month is Shamrocks!  These are always so fun hanging in the hallway at school.  I'm still wondering if we'll be able to use dot markers (we aren't allowed to share any materials).  I may look into buying multiples of certain colors so I can disinfect them after each group. 

This paper bag game, Pot of Gold will definitely be one we play when back face to face because all the materials are for one person.  We'll make our "pots" during therapy and play a few rounds.  Then, the kids will take them home for practice. 

Here come the rainbows!  My All About Color file has several crafts including printable strips with articulation and language targets.  I print them on a rainbow of colored paper and we make a few crafts.  These 3-D rainbows are always a hit! 

This rainbow puzzle is in my March Vocabulary file, these are great to play at the end of a session and when working on requesting.  I usually hold all the pieces and we practice requesting using visuals or modeling. It's also great for expanding/clarification by intentionally giving the student the wrong pieces so they have to tell you that they are wrong and clarify what they want. 

Of course, I have a collection of boom cards for March too! We will definitely still use Boom Cards when back in person.  I will project them on the SmartBoard (or with a projector). Most of these are included in my March Bundle pack for a discounted price! The bundle includes books, language activities, and articulation activities for the month of March. 

This St. Patrick's Day Language Skills deck is not in the bundle but it is great for working on a variety of specific language skills. It has activities with a seasonal spin for adjectives, categories, function, inference, compare/contrast and associations. 

And that will wrap up all things green, gold, and shamrocks!  We'll move onto colors after St. Patrick's Day for most of my younger kids, and weather for some of my older students. 

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