Community Helpers Therapy Theme

My sweet pre-school kiddos will be moving on to learning about community helpers so I have compiled a mix of books, activities, and toys for therapy.  Since this is usually just a theme I use with my younger students most of the things we use are hands-on or play-based, no printables.  Being virtual we will use the boom cards and some of the items with the document camera but I included the toys too for anyone working face to face.

You know I always have to start with some good books! Here's a small collection of books about community helpers.  There are really SO many books because there are so many different professions.  I will also use Epic for digital books too, they have several of these for FREE and more! I really like the guessing game books!

I found these puzzles and thought they would be fun in person or to play under the document camera. My 3-year-old was very into them when we tested them out!

I have had these magnets for a while and love that this set has professions and the vehicles that they go with, perfect for matching.  Community Helpers is always a great theme to target "who" questions and these will be great for "who does this vehicle belong to?".  Another easy activity to do with the document camera too. 

I put together two boom card decks since I am still working 100% virtually with my kids.  The Community Helpers set is great for introducing different community helpers with a mini-story and then answering questions, matching or identifying them.  The All Around Town deck is more open-ended in that the students use the interactive map to decide where they want to visit in the town.  They learn a little about the place and then there is a short quiz with questions and pictures for each place on the map. 

 If we were face-to-face we'd definitely have out our Little People vehicles and people.  We match the people to the vehicle, talk about the professions and then play!  I can target so many goals with this set of vehicles and little people! Little People sells a "jobs" or "professions" set of people but I have just complied mine over the years and most came with the vehicles.  

And last but not least I have my Melissa and Doug occupations magnet people.  Another easy activity to play under the document camera or in person. The students can request which pieces they want or the occupation they want. We can also make silly mistakes and talk about why they don't go together.  

This will more than likely wrap up February for us.  I'll use these for the last two weeks with my littles.  My older kids will play any of the Valentine's games we haven't already played up to this point or some of the more generic (no-theme) games we have too. 

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