Practice Pets

 Have you seen that idea all over Pinterest and instagram for "desk pets"?  I saw it several months ago and thought it was such a cute idea but I had two problems trying to make it work in speech. First, my students don't have desks, we all sit at a table together during our sessions.  Second, most teachers had been using the desk pets as a behavior management system and I didn't have a need for a behavior management system since our sessions are so short and we have a system in place at my school.  So, I thought for awhile on how I could adapt this idea for my kids and Practice Pets are the result! 

 ( Please know that this post contains affiliate links to the erasers and container I bought from amazon)

The concept is that the kids will use the pets to practice their speech or language skills by talking to their pet, describing their pet or answering questions about their pet.  You could implement this anytime throughout the year or in conjunction with a "pet" theme. I plan on using them during our pet theme at the beginning of the school year. On TPT I have added a downloadable file with printables to go along with the Practice Pets!

Obviously the pets and the "pet shop" are not included in the download. I ordered mine from Amazon.  Here are affiliate links for the pets and the pet shop that I ordered. Here are some pictures of our pet shop and my boys had first pick of a pet they wanted to "adopt"!

I wanted to make this easy to implement for any other SLPs (or teachers) who were interested so the file to download all the printables is FREE


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  16. Do the students get to keep the pets all year long or is there a trading system in place? Thanks!

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