Schedule Cards {Freebie}

I found some cute schedule cards on Pinterest last night but they didn't quite have the sayings I needed for my classroom.  Sooo...I made some of my own to use in my room this year. You can grab a FREE copy of the set from Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking the preview below!

I also wrote down my To Buy, To Do and To Make lists in preparation for back to school and it is a doozy!!  But, I am pretty excited to get back into my room and create some of the awesome things I have seen on such great blogs out there!!  For starters, I am SUPER excited about this awesome Math Alphabet I found for FREE last night from Lovely Littler Leaders!   She teaches older kids but I am so glad I stumbled upon her blog because it is just adorable. I am planning on using the math letters for my math word wall, isn't it so stinkin' cute??

Click on the picture to get it from the Lovely Little Leaders TPT store!



  1. Hi!
    I absolutely love your schedule cards but there are 5 subjects that I would love to add that are not here...anyway you would be willing to make them? If not, could you tell me what font you used etc?!
    I also would love to add time cards next to them, so the font would be super helpful!
    Thank you thank you!

  2. thanks so much!!! These totally beat the scribble scrabble ones I made on index cards!!!

  3. love them!
    can I ask you what font you used so I can make a few more and have them match?

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  4. Thanks everyone! I have had several requests t o add some subjects and would be happy to do so ion Tuesday when I am back with my computer if you let me know what you would like. The font I used is mtf Jumping Jack! : )

  5. Thank you for creating the schedule cards. I just saw it on the Monday Made It - I'm so behind on all the creations since school started... Did you just put magnets on the back of them to post?

  6. Hi Emily, I actually put them in a pocket chart but magnets would work great!

  7. Hello! I would love the following cards added if possible for my 4th grade class:
    World Language
    Study Hall

  8. I'm sorry it took me so long to see this but I just update the file on TPT to include the cards you asked for, it may take an hour to post but then you can re-download it. Thanks!!