Henry and Mudge!

I am desperately trying to stay ahead this year but with the new curriculum change that is proving to be very difficult.  However, I am so excited about next week because it's Henry and Mudge week!!  I have put together a packet of games, activities and graphic organizers today to help teach the ELA common core standards I will cover next week with the Henry and Mudge books.  If you want to check it out, click on the picture below.

Henry and Mudge used to be in our basal series which we don't use anymore but I will still read Henry and Mudge and the Starry night because it's such a good story. This story centers our week around camping which means I also can't wait to break out this guy from last year that was inspired by The Teacher Wife! She read this story last year and had some awesome ideas here!  We will gather around the campfire for Fun Friday where we will make smores and share our campfire stories that will be written during centers next week!

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  1. I made a campfire last year as a reward for my students :)
    They loved it!!
    I hadn't though of using it with Henry and Mudge!

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