Math Journals, Weather and Fun Friday!

I have been a little sporadic in taking pictures this year, my kiddos have needed my help a little more so I have been forgetting to pick up my camera but I did manage to snap a few shots this week.

Literacy Centers are up and running!  Here is a shot of our Collective Noun center that we used to review collective nouns.  This is available in my Weather ELA Unit.

We have started using our Math Journals everyday!  I used my Math Journals Resource Pack to get going and now we use the 2nd Grade Problem of the Day to start each lesson. We begin by highlighting the numbers in the problem and the keywords that secretly tell us whether we should add or subtract. I give them 3-4 minutes to solve on their own before we go over the problem.  I encourage them to solve using any method that works for them.  They typically choose very different styles.

Doesn't she look super happy to be working in her math journal??? No, I didn't pay her to smile like this and yes I asked her mother for permission to use her picture on the blog too : ) 

I introduced ScootPad in the computer lab on Wednesday and they picked it up so quick!  Kids these days are so into everything electronic.  This website is pretty awesome, many of my kids have been accessing the site from home to practice their math and reading (just for fun, I didn't even make it homework!).  They can earn points and buy rewards (but many have bought 1 night of no homework, I guess I should up the price!) I let them get online at school during our 20 minutes of math centers/games time each day, we only have 3 computers so we take turns.  We will also be going to the computer lab once a week for 45 minutes to get on as well for my kiddos who don't have easy access to the internet at home to get more online time. 

Our ELA theme this week was non-fiction weather.  We have Fun Friday every Friday and this Friday we experimented with two different types of weather.  My co-teacher and I teamed up and in my room I made rain in a cup (thanks to Pinterest!) and in her room she made artificial snow.  We live in NC where we hardly see any snow so needless to say the snow was a big hit! If you want to make it rain in your classroom all I used was a clear cup, water Barbersol shaving cream (1 can went a long way), blue food coloring and a straw.  I used the straw to poke a hole in our "cloud" since it was pretty thick and the "rain" couldn't get through. 

 And just for fun we made it rain blue and yellow to make green!

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