A few new things...

I have been creating/putting together a few new things for the classroom this week.  I am excited to get the routines underway so that we can get down to some serious learning! I forgot how many "little things" I put up around the room throughout the year!  Here are just a few of the things I have added this week. 
The word wall is up and ready to go for Monday.  I also just updated my Word Wall Task Cards which I put up this afternoon.

I just made these wh- questions which are in my Henry and Mudge pack to address the new common core standard we have this year.  I am hoping they will bring a little bit of fun to answering those tough comprehension questions!

 My standards are posted for next week, this is one thing I cannot stand doing, so I made 2nd grade posters instead of having to write the "I can" statements every day.  

My math games that I talked about yesterday are out and being practice, it is killing my OCD self that I didn't have enough clear buckets for all 5 stations!! 

 And last but not least, my decals came!!  Let's take a closer look....

I don't really have a "classroom library" corner so instead I put it on the door that connects my room to my co-teacher's room.  I think it looks fun and cheerful!


  1. I love your whiteboard with all of the objectives posted!
    My Second Sense

  2. Thanks Tania, so far it is much easier than writing them everyday!

  3. Haha that would bother my OCD too! I love the decals!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. I love the vinyl! Where oh where did you get it????


  5. They are from amazon, you find them here!