Applesauce Valentine Tags

Valentine's day is quickly approaching!  I like to send in a little something for the kiddos at Camden's day care and since most are under 2 it's hard to find something they can all enjoy.  So, this year I went with applesauce!  I know they all like and can eat applesauce so I'm hoping it's a hit.  You can download the tags for FREE by clicking on any of the pictures below. Tags are made with clip art from Kate Hadfield and are super easy to assemble.  I just printed on card stock, cut them out, hole punched them near the top and tied them down with some string.

I included two different sayings, one says "Valentine, you're my main squeeze!" and the other says "You're awesome-sauce, valentine!" You can use both like I did or choose whichever you like the best.   Hope your week is filled with love and chocolate! : )

Here is an example of the tag printed with color ink. 
Note: Please be aware that these tags are NOT editable.  You will have to write your name next to the heart.  Thanks for understanding! 

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