Interactive Hallway

I am so excited to share a fun new project I have been working on at my school, an interactive hallway! My school had a hallway that was painted black for a Halloween event and we wanted to make it a little more inviting for our students to walk by.  My friend and co-worker (Kayla Maynor) is awesome with vinyl and her Cricuit so together we made a plan and cut all the vinyl. We wanted to make it interactive and educational too.  Below are pictures of the finished result and explanations of each "station".  It turned out better than I had imagined! 

Our school mascot is an alligator so we decided to call our hallway the Gator Interactive Trail.  The sign is at the top of each end of the hall. 

Sing Your ABC's
This section was designed for singing the ABC's but also can be used to name/identify letters, shapes, and colors.

Mirror Me!
This is a buddy activity.  Two students stand in front of the handprints.  One student is the leader and the second student tries to imitate or copy the first. Then, the roles are reversed. 

Touch and Solve!
This station is all about math! Students or teachers touch a number, touch an operation and then touch another number before solving. For younger students, they work on naming/identifying numbers and counting.

Wall Push-Ups
This activity is all about gross motor skills.  Students start with the pink hands, keep their feet together,  lean forward, do a "wall push-up" then slide their feet to the right and repeat. 

Finger Mazes
This activity has students use their fingers to make a trail from the outside of the maze into the center.

Trace It!
This activity challenges students to visually follow the trail from one shape to another while reaching up or down. 

I spy...
This activity has so many options.  With a buddy students can play "I Spy" to simply find letters or they can work on naming/identify letter sounds and phonemic awareness skills too.  Teachers or older students can give a clue such as "I spy the last sound in "pig" and the other student tries to find the letter that matches. 

We also included a few motivational quotes to fill in some space near the doors. 

 If this is something you'd like to create at your school we used a high-gloss black paint with Oracle 651 outdoor vinyl. Our cinder block walls gave us a little trouble with the vinyl but using a blow dryer to heat it up once it was on the wall definitely helped it to stick better.  I'm sure our little ones will rip or peel some of the vinyl at some point but replacing them won't be too bad. It has been a great place to visit when a friend may need a break from class or just to explore.  Thanks for checking it out, it is an awesome new addition to our school!

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