Top 10 Speech Therapy Resources

Today I am sharing my top ten resources that I personally use the most with my kids during therapy.  My caseload includes articulation, language and fluency disorders with children in pre-school through 5th grade.  I have made quite a bit of resources over the years and do use ALOT of them but these are definitely the things I reach for the most! 

These are great to have for those days when I have a ton of stuff going on and need to prep as little as possible. Or when I have a group that is having a lot of trouble settling down to follow directions, the blocks seem to keep their minds and hands engaged.  I've printed all the pages (some multiple times) and laminated them.  I hand out the "builder" that has the targeted goals for each student and we use blocks to build.  My kiddos favorite blocks are the tiny "hashtag" blocks (I got them from the Target Dollar Spot) but we've also used Legos and magnetic blocks too!

These are new to the speech room but I already use them every day. Before we begin an articulation session we review the sound we are practicing and I display the poster or cue card that matches the targeted sound.  We keep the card on our board during the session to review as needed. 

These are great for whenever we are playing a game and I need a quick list of words to practice before taking a turn or before moving a game piece.  They are also great to take with me whenever I am on the go. 

I have recently added practice pockets and printable black/white cards with all of my articulation no-prep packs and both of my language no-prep packs (found here and here).  Because I have sets for both language and articulation these are easy to use for mixed groups which I usually see.  Also, I love how we use them during therapy and then send them home for practice. 

I have these permanently up in my speech room and we refer to them often. They are great for a quick reference or when I am faced with a teachable language moment. 

In the past, parents of my students have shared that they are glad these are sent home to practice. I will say I don't always get them turned back in as they are intended but if they spark any additional home practice then they have done their job!  I also love that I have a set for each month and for a variety of communication skills. 

All speech therapists know that games are a big part of our job.  Why do we play so many games?  Because play and games provide natural opportunities for kids to use communication skills and they are super engaging.  My game companions help keep us on track to practice specific goals while playing. 

Technically this picture includes three files but I put them all together when I'm sending home a home program with my students for articulation.  The Sound Checks, Articulation Home Practice Handouts and Speech Sound Brochures offer practice along with tips and tricks for parents. 

This year I have made a set of these dice games for each month with a specific theme (still have a couple more to add) and they have been a big hit.  I usually print 10-15 articulation boards and then on the back of those pages print 10-15 language boards.  This usually covers my entired caseload.  My 2nd-5th graders have enjoyed these games the most and now ask for them when they come to speech. We usually use candy or mini-erasers to cover the squares. 

Nothing makes a mixed group session easier than playdough mats.  These are the ultimate no-prep and high engagement activity that I can use with any age range.  I have a big stack of them prinited and laminated.  

That rounds up my top ten, I hope that has given you some new therapy ideas! 

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