March Therapy

It's time for another monthly therapy round up!  March is one of my favorite months, partly because I love everything rainbow! Here's what I'm prepping for therapy this month.

We will be playing another seasonal dice game this month using plastic gold coins. 

My older kids always love making the paper bag games because they get to take them home and play at home.  I love them because they have a set of practice cards ready to go. 

We haven't read a little old lady book since before Christmas so it'll be fun to get this one out this month. 

These have become quite the challenge with my 5th graders! 

This pack has a ton of resources to practice learning colors and making crafts that are very colorful.  These color mats are good for sorting, naming and identifying colors and objects. 

These are in my All About Color pack and while they do take a bit of planning with printing they are so colorful and fun!

If the articulation rainbows seem like too much printing/prep, these are a little easier to make!

Shamrock Dot Art
These are always super easy and brighten up the speech room while also practicing very specific skills. 

So many green and colorful activities in this pack!  A great set to use with my kiddos working on expanding basic vocabulary skills. 

This month my FREE resource is all about Read Across America week!  The green eggs and ham game has been a favorite in the years past! 


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