Gingerbread Therapy Theme

It's almost December!  Time to for a new round of themes and we're kicking off this month with gingerbread!  I have never done a formal gingerbread theme so I have quite a few materials I put together to see what works best this year and I will more than likely use this theme for two weeks.  I have rounded up several gingerbread books and will read different ones depending on the group I'm working with at the time.  Here's what I have planned for gingerbread!
As usual, I have a collection of books up first!  I ordered some new ones too but they didn't arrive before I wrote this post so hopefully they'll be here soon! 

This Gingerbread book is from Scholastic and I ordered the storytelling pieces from Lakeshore.  Each gingerbread book seems to be a bit different so we will talk about the differences between different versions too. For example, the storytelling pieces have a bear and a rabbit but my book has a dog and a cow instead.  These storytelling pieces and storytelling board are the perfect size to fit under the Osmo as a document camera. 

I've also started a collection of FREE Gingerbread books on Epic that are available to read too.  Most of these are a bit longer but it's great that they're FREE and easy to share with teletherapy. 

This year I put together some new printable and digital materials specific to gingerbread and that started with my Print n' Go Gingerbread pack!  It has a short cookie story, playdough mat, puzzles, vocabulary cards, games, and printables all about gingerbread or baking! Here are a few pictures of what's included in that file. 

I also found these super cute gingerbread mini-erasers from Oriental Trading and ordered them.  They would work great with my Mini-Eraser Speech game boards under the document camera. 

Candy Land was the first thing that came to mind when I started planning for gingerbread week and I hate that we aren't face to face right now to play.  So, I scoured the internet for a travel size version that would fit under the document camera.  I found this version which seems to be older (I think from 2009?). The board is still kind of big but smaller than the other version and I think we can make it work.  The best part is that it came with game pieces that actually look like gingerbread men. I know the other game pieces do too but I like how these are multi-colored. 

Of course, I had to put together some Boom Cards too.  Boom Cards are just so easy to screen share during teletherapy that I use them for almost every session.  So, first I made Feed the Fox!  It's just like my Gobble Gobble or Monster Mouth games.  The idea behind it is to save the gingerbread man by feeding the fox all the other items. The items are grouped by speech sounds and 25 different phonemes are included!

Next, I wanted a new game for my middle-upper elementary students so I created Gumdrops!  They love playing my articulation four in a row game so this one is gumdrop themed! It only has words, no pictures so it's better suited for older students. 

I will also incorporate my Boom Book: Cookies with Kai that focuses just on the task of making cookies.  It has a short story with activities for answering questions, sequencing, and retelling. 

The best part of this week is this FREE boom card deck, Make Your Own Gingerbread!  My littles will love this and I love that with teletherapy they will have to use their words to give me directions for how they want it to be decorated. 

And that wraps up a sweet theme!  I hope that gave you some new ideas if you are using a gingerbread theme in your therapy! 

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