2020 Toy List

 If you have been following me for any period of time you may have noticed I have a deep love for toys and games.  And between therapy and my boys at home I have been able to play with all of these recommendations, most of them many times!  They are often requested at home or in the speech room. So this year I decided to compile a list of my favorite toys and games by age for anyone looking for Christmas or holiday gifts.  Many (if not all) of these toys and games are also great for increasing language skills, pragmatic skills, or overall conversational skills. All of these can be found on Amazon (and other sites too) so I have included links below too! Keep in mind the age ranges are approximated, truthfully I haven't met a student who doesn't like playing with the Piggy Popper! Let me know what you think! 

**Full disclosure:  I am an Amazon affiliate member and I may receive compensation for your clicks or purchases through the links provided below.**

2. Osmo Genius Kit (iPad sold separately)
2. Uno
5. Orboot Globe (iPad sold separately)
8. Osmo Pizza Co. (iPad and Osmo base sold seperately)

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