Squirrels & Acorns Therapy Theme

 Happy November!  This month kicks off new themes, new games, new books, new toys, and new activities.  My first theme in November is Squirrels & Acorns.  I may mix in a little about forest animals with this theme too.  It's a short and sweet little theme.  I don't have a huge amount of materials for this theme but it's a silly one that my kids seem to enjoy.  Here's what we have planned! 

First, I have books! I usually start a session with a book, move on to a game, and then wrap-up with independent practice.  I only have a few books with this theme.  I have plenty of books that also cover forest animals (bears, owls, bats, etc.) but these are the books specific to squirrels and acorns that I like to read. 

If I were providing services face to face we'd be playing Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel this week!  Sadly, this seems a bit tough to adapt for teletherapy so we'll sit it out this year.  But, next year it will come out when hopefully school is back to normal. 

These little acorns are new this year.  Learning Resources sells these alphabet acorns and then just a set of acorn holders.  I bought the alphabet ones because they come with mini-objects inside, perfect for language therapy.  For articulation therapy, I will switch out the objects that came with the acorns for some Dinky Doodads that specifically target the articulation sound we are working with. I can fit about 10 of these acorns under the Osmo for teletherapy.  

Next, I found these silly squirrel mini-erasers at Target last year.  They are borderline cute and creepy but the kids think they're fun.  So, I will play a few of these dice games with my older kids.  These half-sheets fit great under the document camera.  I play these games often and switch out the color of the gameboards or mini-erasers to keep it new and interesting. 

Since all therapy for me will be through teletherapy I will also use two Boom Card activities.  All The Acorns focuses on articulation skills and Forest Friends is a very basic introduction to forest animals for little ones (pre-k-2nd) which works on naming, identifying, and making inferences. 

And that's that!  Do you do a squirrels and acorns theme?  If you do, I'd love to hear what you use!

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