Guess What Game

 Let's play Guess What! This is an easy and fun guessing game that we play during speech therapy in-person or during teletherapy.  I play with my mini-objects from Dinky Doodads of the alphabet tubs from Lakeshore Learning.  Here's how to play! 

Step One: Print the Guess What poster or display it on your computer/SmartBoard.  However, you need to share it, share it so your students can see the questions. Review the questions and how to play with your students. These questions are just suggestions, students can ask other questions too. This game works best for middle-upper elementary or students who can read. 

Step Two: Choose a mini-object but don't show it to your students.  If you are working on articulation skills choose an object that has the targeted speech sound.  If you are on teletherapy, have it nearby, out of view of the camera.  If you are meeting face-to-face place the object in a box or bag so it can't be seen. 

Step Three: Have students take turns asking questions and making guesses for the object. If this is really difficult for your student you can show them the collection of items beforehand so they have an idea of what it could possibly be. I adjust the game as needed for my students.  The student who correctly guesses the most objects during our session wins!  If you are in a one-on-one session I challenge the student to figure out the mystery object with the fewest number of questions each time.  So, for example, if they figured it out in 10 questions before, we try for 9 during the next round. 

I made these mini-object boxes this past summer with items from Dinky Doodads, you check out how I put these boxes together and download these labels for FREE here

Have mixed groups?  No problem!  Take turns choosing mini-objects with different sounds that target different goals in the group.  No mini-objects?  No problem!  Play with cards instead of objects. 

Want to try it with your students?  Click this image below to download the Guess What poster for FREE!

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