A few things from this week

This week was not my best week since my mind has definitely been on spring break but I thought I would share some posters we made.  We read A Curve in the River from our Houghton Mifflin series,  and after we wrote our own messages in a bottle.  The paper was a little big to put the caps on our bottles and I said we wouldn't throw them in a river because that would be littering but they still loved them.  Here's my pre-writing activity (don't make fun of my person, I am terrible at drawing people).

We also learned a little about technology, and I learned that my kiddos are technology crazy!  They know way more than I did at their age. Here is the poster we made during our discussion.

We also reviewed ways to write a number.  Here is what my kiddos came up with during math.

And I couldn't help myself, for Fun Friday we made a cute bunny card since Easter is quickly approaching.    They were just too cute and their notes they wrote on the inside were even cuter. Isn't the thumbprint bunny just adorable??

How cute is the tail???  I can't take it!  Well, I hope everyone had a great week, I am officially on Spring Break!!! : )


  1. Love your posters for ways to show numbers! We do Name Collections boxes in Everyday Math...and this year some of my first graders just didn't get how to "shower the number another way". This is great! Just started following your blog!

    C&C Teach First

  2. Love that Easter card! I'm also taken with the Ways to Show a Number anchor chart. Thanks for sharing.