Biographies {An ELA Mini-Unit}

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This has not been my week, yesterday was just a big ol' mess for a lot of reasons that I'd rather not go into and today I was observed by three people at the same time (I didn't know two were coming) for about an hour, had an IEP meeting and a school improvement team meeting after has been quite a week!  So, I was sitting here making next week's ELA Unit (trying to keep my eyes open) and decided it was time for another freebie.  If you are interested in a few things to help teach Biographies click on the picture below to download a FREE mini-unit from google docs.  
Clip art is courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles and some frames are from Fancy Dog Studio.  

This unit is a smaller than some of the others I have made, I am pulling in some resources from different sources for next week including the e-book, Jane Goodall from Reading A to Z, The Teacher Wife's Biography pack and we are working our way through making an Informational Text Feature Notebook from Hello Literacy! If you are interested in what centers look like in my classroom, I am putting together a big centers picture walk/post for tomorrow!  

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