Winter break has begun!

Today was exhausting and the longest 5 hours ever but so much fun!  We had our class party and we are now officially on break!  I MAY have planned just a few too many things to do during our class party but my kids had a blast.  I was very lucky to have one of my student's parents volunteer during the party too, I still can't believe how we did it all. 

 Here's a short list of our hour and half par-tay...

1. Class Book Exchange: Dirty Santa style, with stealing and all.  Each student brought in a new, wrapped book to participate, as you see in the picture above.
2. Reindeer Games: which I found here, they were a huge hit!
3. Make-Your-Own-Snowglobes: this was the first year I have ever done this, and they turned out great.  I was nervous about the glass but my kids thought they were awesome and none of them broke! I used water, a tablespoon of glycerin, white glitter, small snowy trees and half pint mason jars.
4. Christmas Snack: a TON of cookies and juice and a few marshmallows left over from the Reindeer games.
5. Stocking Stuffers: We handed out our full Stockings from TGIF and they eagerly read all their sweet notes.
6. Presents: I opened presents, they opened presents, we oohed and ahhed.  It was a good time.

One of my kiddos made me an ornament which I promptly hung on our mini tree.  The tag was my favorite part.

It was my best class holiday party yet. I have to say the snow globes were definitely my favorite. They were just adorable. 

I also have share what I would classify as an EPIC FAIL.  I found this adorable New Year's writing craft from The Lesson Plan Diva, isn't is cute??

Well, we made them yesterday so we could write them after break. I used blue instead of red since I had blue ribbon. you may notice in the picture ALL THE GLITTER FELL OFF!  It took forever to glitter the numbers and my kids either rubbed it off, or it just plain fell off.  So, I have stacked them in my tub for after break and I am now brainstorming ways to fix this craft disaster : (  

I am now off to spend one of my new gift cards on my first winter vacation dinner!!  Happy holiday break everyone!


  1. students are fortunate to have you! ENJOY your break...sleep in :)

  2. Looks like so much fun! I have one more day tomorrow! Merry Christmas! :)

  3. I love this activity!! I'm getting ready to buy it, but wanted to check to see if the girl/boy face and hair, the hands, the 2013 and the party hat are also in the packet along with the reproducibles.

  4. Yes Sharon, all the pieces are in the pack from the Lesson plan Diva. All I added was glitter, balloon ribbon and construction paper. : )