Tell Me a Tale!

UPDATE: The winner of the Tell Me a Tale packet was Across the Hall in 2nd Grade! An e-mail is coming your way!!

On the heels of the Flat Stanley Project 2.0, the 2nd grade is gearing up for 6 weeks of multicultural tales.  Our next ELA theme is Hand Me Down Tales from Around the World.  We had a long meeting a few days ago to begin planning.  We have already bought our "main books" that we will focus on each week (A new ELA unit will be coming soon with materials for each week!) and we came up with a fun speaking and listening project.  We are required to have either an in-class or take home project for each unit.  The project for the next unit will be Tell Me a Tale!  It has 20 international folktales (re-written in kid friendly terms by ME).  How it works is, you assign each student a folktale.  They have to practice reading it and some are a little tricky with the cultural terms or language.  Then I will audio record each student reading their folktale (this hits CCSS SL 2.5 or SL 3.5). They also have to create a detailed illustration of their folktale.  We will present one audio recording per day for 16 days (since we only have 16 students).  The students will also present their illustration and I have a few ideas on how I want to display them, more on that to come.  If you are trying to incorporate more global awareness, cultural tales or audio recordings into your classroom this project will be super fun!  You can click on the image below for a list of the folktales included in the pack.

As always leave a comment (with your e-mail address) and I will pick one lucky winner by tomorrow night to receive a FREE copy!


  1. This looks adorable, Deana!! So fun and creative!


  2. So cute! We are in the middle of fairy tales, right now.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. What a great unit!

  4. Oh wow! I would love to win this!

  5. This looks great! FIngers crossed!

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  6. I love your units! I hope I am the lucky girl!


  7. You are fabulous! This would be great for my kiddos! The Speaking and Listening component to CCSS is tricky and this would be a great help!


  8. It sounds like your grade level team works so well together. Y'all have really dove into this and I love your resources!