What in the world have I been up to?

It has been way too long since I filled you all in on what's been happening in my classroom.  Like I said last week I am now seeing all 7 of my groups each day and it is quite a challenge to go from 2nd grade to 3rd grade to 4th grade all in one day but I have been getting by with a little help from my friends.  When I sat down to begin planning for 7 different grade levels/subject areas I knew I was going to need some help from some AWESOME TPT sellers and I have definitely found it!  Here is a little picture walk of what's been going on in a few of my groups!

First up is 4th grade math, we have been working on Geometry: angles, triangles, symmetry! We started off by using my Geometry Rocks pack!
This fabulous journal is from Jennifer Runde's Interactive Math Journal pack which has been a life saver!  It is fantastic and fits right in with the CCSS! And that journal should definitely say "Types of Triangles" not "Types of Triggles"...oh boy.

My 2nd grade writing group has just been getting into the groove of writing workshop.  I have been using an abbreviated version of Lucy Calkin's Units of Writing with them.  We have also thrown in some other writing lessons like our rubric above and "what do writer's write"?

My 2nd grade math group has been working on addition strategies from the amazing Amy Lemon's Learning Our Addition Strategies pack and we have also used The Teacher Wife's Number Line Addition and Subtraction pack too.  Both packs have really helped my 2nd graders gain a better understanding of addition and we've thrown in a little subtraction as well.

I have also been prepping my Slime Time Centers for my 2nd grade math group.  Can't wait to use these next week!

And in my 3rd grade math group we have been reviewing how to regroup.  First we started with addition and now we're onto subtraction.  We're been using a great Interactive Notebook from Blair Turner and these lessons from the Modern Chalkboard are a HUGE hit with my 3rd graders, they're simple but great for a mini-lesson. 

My ELA groups have been working hard too, I just didn't manage to take many pictures of them this week.  We have been using the fabulous Nicole Shelby's interactive ELA notebooks in 3rd and 4th grade and my 2nd graders have been reviewing and reading some phonics readers.  I'll try to take some more pictures them next week.

I have a busy weekend planned, on Sunday, Rachel Lamb from The Tattooed Teacher and I will be presenting at the North Carolina Association for Elementary Educators Conference in Greensboro, NC.  This will be my first major presentation besides presenting at my school and boy am I nervous!  After our presentation I get to enjoy the rest of the conference, which I am super excited about because it looks amazing.  If you'll be in the Greensboro area and want to attend, it's not too late.  Check out the NCAEE website!

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